Look at these websites: www.responsiblewind.org, www.wind-watch.org, www.windaction.org, www.stopillwind.org . There are many more.

Locally we have www.laurelmountainpreservationassociation.org and www.windtoons.com with its copyright-free cartoons. Check the websites for all the Friends of Beautiful Pendleton County , Friends of the Allegheny Front, Friends of Blackwater, Protect Pendleton , etc. Watch the slide shows of the Allegheny Highlands, of the Altamont bird kills (I quit part way through that one.) and the burning, crumbling, toppled giant wind turbines (My favorite. Where was West Virginia news coverage on the Mt. Storm and Backbone Mountain turbine fires?) GoogleEarth Search "Mount Storm, Grant County, WV" and "Meyersdale, PA" and look down at the damage. Google NewsSearch for companies involved and check their activities around the world; check their litigation involvement.

Please. Do something, Fast.

When your economic stimulus dollars arrive, why not put them towards further weatherizing your house to save energy. Yes! In my backyard , the wise owl says, Every watt saved is another watt earned. If thatís finished, why not buy an automated roof-top or gable solar attic fan. And reduce the area you mow, plant bird-feeding and sheltering perennials, shrubs and trees, and cut whatís left with a small battery-powered electric mower, preferably solar-charged. (True, all equipment has a carbon footprint.) If every Conservancy member did these things and served as a role model for the neighborhood ÖÖ Yimby!

And please support the Allegheny Front lawsuit.

While Iím beseeching - about 20 years ago, I asked why the t-shirts werenít made from organic cotton. Why do "environmental" groups support oil companies by selling chemically fertilized, herbicided, pesticided, bollreleased, chlorine-bleached (etc.) cotton t-shirts? Well?


Marion Harless