or giant solar arrays or nuclear and their requisite giant high voltage power transmission lines. We donít need mountain top removal mining or giant gas line roads and right of ways through every square mile of the Mountain State. We have Yimby!

Please look at the PSC website AES Laurel Mountain LLC entries for March 13 Sandy Fisher protest and March 14 Marion Harless protest for some of my multitudinous comments. Itís strictly whipped-out, first- draft writing, like this. Donít look for polished prose, but do look for many points to ponder and pursue.

On October 29, I, like many of you, I hope, spoke in protest of Allegheny Power's proposed high voltage power transmission line. If you have the time and eye power, read everybodyís entries on both sides for both proposals. Please do some learning and send in your own comments. They must be mailed or hand-delivered to 291 Brooks Street, Charleston 25323.

Letters to editors, other environmental groups and local, state and federal officials, e-mails and conversation may yet sway the Supreme Court on the 23-mile line of giant wind turbines in Greenbrier County. Donít forget that the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) has thousands of giant wind turbine sites pinpointed in the Appalachians. Does AWEA really believe bird and bat -forest interactions, watershed disruptions and the water cycle are pseudoscience?

Iíve spoken with and left messages for hundreds of people, sent more than 300 letters, 80 information packets, and many hundreds of postcards all over the country, but mostly in-state. The "address side" is usually embellished with a crude water cycle drawing, a sleazy Capín Trade quote or a Yes! In my backyard Ö slogan. I figure at least the mailman is getting the message.

Please start learning and please quit fighting. The big energy companies love the infighting. Divide and conquer.