These pages, and many of the ideas on them, were inspired by Marion Harless is a naturalist, comparative psychologist, and wildlife biologist, who has directed nature museums, taught at several universities, and has numerous popular and scientific publications under her belt as well as a sharp set of pruning shears. This series recommends thoughtful conservation coupled with modern ingenuity, and that those concerned with the health of the planet would do more good by acting locally while thinking globally than by looking to government and corporate America for solutions. Many of the solutions to climate change can be found at home, yes, in your backyard.


The origins of Yes! In my backyard go back to a conversation and some quickly sketched pictures.

The following is a  letter from Marion that was published in the Highlands Voice, newsletter of the West Virginia Highlands Conservancy in June, 2008.

On Yimbys, powerlines, and windmills

A letter from Marion to the WV Highlands Conservancy

June 4, 2008

Editor and members:

On May 15, as I was taking some seed-laden stems of spent purple dead nettle to a spot where I want the annual plant to grow next year, good thoughts of the Highlands Conservancy were bouncing around in my head. Had I first met June and Glen Davis and Linda (Cooper)