Across the country, rural communities are being targeted for industrial wind development. In situations like this, the huge financial resources of a large corporation can give it seemingly insurmountable political leverage. Occasionally, there are allegations of conflicts of interest by elected officials as well as candidates for public office recruited and supported by the industrial wind developers. In New York state, the Attorney General is conducting an inquiry into improper dealings with public officials and anti-competitive practices by the wind energy companies.

A New York state, grassroots civic organization, CHRN (Citizens for a Healthy Rural Neighborhood) likened the communityís problems with wind developers to the old story of the camel who wants to warm himself in his masterís tent, first with a foot, then a leg. Soon the master is out in the cold.

The "Stinky Camel" has appeared as a stand-in for wind energy companies in a series of ads CERN has run in local media. Not all of the following assortment of Camel ads were used by CERN. Those that ran contained a large amount of written material to help educate and inform the community.